JBS's curriculum is a carefully designed roadmap, leading students through planned experiences to master both content and applied learning skills. A guiding compass for educators, it ensures access to rigorous academic experiences. The thoughtful structure enhances learning, incorporating comprehensive goals, diverse teaching methods, and robust assessments for effective instruction, creating a dynamic and enriching learning environment.


Goals within a curriculum serve as standard-based benchmarks or expectations for teaching and learning, providing a clear scope and sequence of skills to be addressed. These goals are explicit guidelines that outline the breadth and depth of knowledge and skills students are expected to achieve. Ensuring a comprehensive approach, curriculum goals are fundamental in guiding educators and students towards a meaningful and structured learning experience.


At JBS, methods are the intentional instructional choices teachers make to engage students in meaningful learning. These adaptable approaches, tailored to individual needs and interests, promote a comprehensive understanding and application of content and skills. Regular adjustments are made based on ongoing review of students progress, ensuring our teaching methods remain responsive and effective in achieving curriculum goals.